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Nantong Jinyuan Catalysts Co., Ltd. is situated in Rugao Port, Nantong City, Jiangsu, where enjoys beautiful scenery, simple folk customs, and convenient transportation.

The company was founded in 2008. The production base covers more than 60mu and the fixed-asset investment is more than ¥60 million. The company mainly specializes in producing catalysts for petrochemical industry. The company has hydrogenation catalysts (including hydrofining, hydrocracking, dearsenification, dechloridation, desulfuration, and etc.) and reforming catalysts, and it has external regeneration, reduction and presulfurization capabilities of these two catalysts. We have complete production equipment, and three production lines of hydrogenation catalyst, reforming catalyst, and catalyst regeneration and reduction. The total processing capability is 2,000 tons each year. Hydrogenation catalyst production line has complete equipment such as band extrusion, drying, mesh-belt kiln roasting, steam modified roasting, rotary vacuum impregnation, drying, and etc.; foaming catalyst production line has complete equipment including band extrusion, drying, roasting, rotary vacuum impregnation and drying, fluid bed drying, and so forth; regeneration and reduction device has burning and hydrogen gas reduction capabilities, and the daily capacity is 3T/A. Jinyuan has established perfect analysis, test and quality control systems to ensure qualities of products.
The company has strong technical force. Major members in management teams come from large-scale catalyst manufacturers in China. Centered on experienced experts in R&D, production and service of catalysts, based on technologies of research institute of petroleum processing, the company strives to transform achievements of science and technology into productivity completely, to offer the domestic and foreign users high-quality catalyst products, and to create social benefit and wealth.

In recent years, Jinyuan has produced and processed hydrofining catalysts, residual hydrogenation catalysts, lubricating oil hydrogenation catalysts, heavy oil hydrofining catalysts and protective agents, FCC gasoline selective hydrogenation desulfurization agents, lubricating oil pour point reducers, aromatic saturants, liquefied gas aromatization agents, continuous reforming catalysts, semi-regenerative reforming catalysts, and reforming catalysts for research institutes and users at home and abroad, and they are highly praised by clients. 

Adhering to operation philosophy of "innovation, sincere cooperation, considerate service", we'll continue to offer the clients first-class products, the best qualities, and the most excellent services. Welcome to visit us and talk over business for common development.