Hotwords:Sodium triacetoxyborohydride Benzophenone hydrazone Hydrogenation catalyst

Rugao Zhongchang Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Fine industrial Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Rugao Port. It is close to the Yangtze River and Zhangjiagang City and is 35 kilometers and 30 kilometers away from Rugao City and Nantong City, thus it is easy of access. Moreover, it takes only 3 hours to Shanghai city through Sutong Bridge.

Jinling Reagent was founded in 1995. In 2004, Rugao Zhongchang Chemical Co., Ltd. was registered and founded in Rugao Technology Innovation Park. In 2005, new plants and facilities were built in Rugao Fine Chemical Industrial Park. At present, our business and production are both in a booming stage.
Main administrative staffs have bachelor degree or above and qualification of engineer or above. For years’ effort, the company has trained an honest, practical, united and enterprising work team. There are 45 employees in the company, whose average age is about 32, 15 of them have technical diploma or above and 3 are senior engineers. In order to improve quality of front line workers and introduce operation posts for secondary specialized students and junior college students, the company has established close HR supply relations with Hunan Chemistry Academy and Hunan Changling Chemical Vocational College and it is the practical base of these two colleges.
At present, our office area and production area cover an area of 26,600 square meters and we reserve about 16,000sqm for the future development; moreover, we will use 30,000sqm of lands for our second stage project and the development of new products. At present, we have built 4,500 square meters of manufacturing plant and warehouse, and 1,200 square meters of office buildings and living areas; especially, above 30% of plant areas are covered by green plants. Moreover, our park offers us complete and enough public facilities, including sewage treatment system, power plant, and steam supply system. Now, the sewage pipe, power, and steam networks of our factory have connected with the network of park.
At present, the company mainly engages in producing boron trifluoride acetonitrile complex, boron trifluoride-Dimethyl carbonate complex, trichloroacetic acid, stannic chloride, and other pharmaceutical intermediates and fine fluorine-contained chemical products, which are well sold in China; especially, our potassium bifluoride, trichloroacetic acid and stannic chloride are well sold in the international market. Over the past year, we have established favorable relations with clients and agencies, and established an efficient and honest marketing network all around China. Taking the advantages of regional resources, we have sold our products throughout China and exported them to international markets.