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TORH-1 reforming oil hydrogenation deolefination catalyst

TORH-1 hydroreforming oil deolefination catalyst and technology

Research Institute of Petroleum Processing

TORH-1 reforming oil hydrogenation deolefination catalyst adopts new-model aluminium oxide with special open-framework structure as carrier. It has features such as high specific area and pore volume. Special open-framework structure  facilitates the transfer of mass and heat.

TORH-1 catalyst adopts impregnation method, optimizing the methods of introducing active components of catalyst. TORH-1 catalyst is cylindrical bar with diameter of 1.2~1.8mm and bulk density of 0.60±0.05g/mL.

Reforming oil with bromine index of 1500~4600 mgBr/100g is reaction material. Deolefination conversion rate of catalyst is up to 99.9% if reaction pressure is 1.7~2.0MPa, volume space velocity is 12.5h-1. and hydrogen to oil volume ratio is 250:1. It has high deolefination activity. Aromatic hydrocarbon loss is less than 0.5w%. TORH-1 catalyst has favorable activity, selectivity and stability.