Hotwords:Sodium triacetoxyborohydride Benzophenone hydrazone Hydrogenation catalyst
SR-1000 semi-regenerative reforming catalyst in reduction state

I. Introduction

1. The product is the fourth generation catalyst developed by Petrochemical Research Institute.

2. This product is semi-regenerative reforming catalyst in reduction state.

3. This product can reduce expenses, reduce device and equipment corrosion, reduce construction risk, and guarantee regenerative quality of catalyst.

II. Product features

Using new aluminium oxide catalytic materials

High strength

Unique open-framework structure, large specific area and pore volume

Stable physical and chemical properties

The catalyst has good adaptability to raw materials

It can be used in processing straight-run naphtha

Blending coker gasoline after hydrogenation

Blending catalytic gasoline after hydrogenation

Blending hydrocracking gasoline

Blending coal liquefaction coal liquefaction hydrocracking naphtha

Blending gas condensate, and etc.

The catalyst has excellent reactivity (compared with PRT-C/PRT-D third generation catalyst)

In the same harsh degree of reaction conditions, liquid yield of catalyst is increased to above 0.5%.

In the same harsh degree of reaction conditions, carbon deposit rate of catalyst reduce above 15%.

Reducing pressure drop of system

Reducing energy consumption

Construction method

Simple process, short time, low cost, low risk.

Simple, safe, and environmentally-friendly.

III. Physical and chemical properties



Pt/Al2O3, w%

Re/Al2O3, w%

Cl/Al2O3, w%

Specific area, m2/g

Pore volume, mL/g

Nominal diameter, mm

Length, 3~8mm

Crushing strength, N/cm


Loading density, g/mL









Cylindrical bar

0.60 ± 0.05



IV. Packing

Iron drum, with cloth bag lined with plastic bag inside, net weight is 120kg/drum.

V. Application

1. The product can be used in middle-lower pressure semi-regenerative fixed-bed reforming unit.

2. Suitable for processing naphtha, manufacturing blending component of aromatic hydrocarbon or high-grade petrol.

VI. Storage and precautions for use

1. To protect from water and damp. Separate from other chemicals and hydrocarbons.

2. Handle with care.

3. The product is shipped in reduction state. Catalyst filling should be carried out on a sunny day.

4. S<0.5ppm, N<0.5ppm, Cl<0.5ppm , H2O<5ppm, As<1ppb, Hg<1ppb, Pb<10ppb, Cu<1ppb should be controlled in normal production.

5. To operate strictly in accordance with the construction manual SR-1000 catalyst, if necessary, under the guidance of professional and technical personnel.