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Sodium borohydride
Product Name Sodium borohydride
Alias SBH; Sodium tetrahydroborate; Sodiumborohydridepowder; Sodiumborohydrideonneutralalumina; Sodiumborohydridepellets; Sodiumborohydridetablets; Sodiumborohydridewhitepowder; Sodium tetrahydridoborate
CAS RN 16940-66-2
EINECS No. 241-004-4
Molecular Formula NaBH4
Molecular Weight 37.8326
Physical & Chemical Properties White crystalline powder, easy to absorb moisture, combustible with fire
Use Used as the reductant of aldehydes, ketones and acyl chlorides, plastic industrial blowing agent, paper bleaching agent and hydrogenation agent in the manufacture of dihydrostreptomycin in pharmaceutical industry.
Molecular Structure